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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about membership of Caldwell Halls Trust

Are there different types of membership?2022-12-05T14:09:34+00:00

Yes. The different categories of membership are:

  • Full Membership – Full Membership is open to you if you are 16 or over and have your main residence in Torrance or the surrounding Torrance and surrounding district.
  • User Groups – User Groups are also eligible for Full Membership as a stakeholder in the Hall with one vote per group.
  • Associate Memberships – Individuals with interest in Caldwell Halls are eligible to become associate members or ‘Friends of the Caldwell Hall’. Associate Members have no voting rights and are not eligible for management committee membership.
  • Junior Membership – Junior Members (age 10-15 years) are welcome to join but have no voting rights.
Why a Trust?2022-12-05T14:01:47+00:00

Caldwell Halls Trust was established in 2010 as a registered charity (SCIO) to enable community management with the sufficient legal capacity to manage the Halls and powers to raise funds to improve the condition of the Hall in the long term.

Why community management?2022-12-05T14:00:55+00:00

For over 50 years, Caldwell Halls was run by a local voluntary group before being transferred to local authority ownership in 1972. As part of cost savings, East Dunbartonshire Council transferred control to community management.

What Is Caldwell Halls Trust?2022-12-05T14:00:25+00:00

The Caldwell Halls Trust is a registered charity, Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation run on a voluntary basis to manage the Caldwell Halls in the interests of the local community.

Why join as a member?2022-12-05T14:03:12+00:00

The Trust is fully controlled by and answerable to its members. Full Membership will allow you to vote at the Annual General Meeting and to become eligible for management committee membership if you want to get more involved in the organisation’s affairs.

Will I need to get involved if I become a member?2022-12-05T13:53:02+00:00

No. There is no obligation on any member to volunteer or attend the Annual General Meetings. But only by becoming a member can you volunteer and attend our AGMs.

Who can become a member?2022-12-05T14:04:43+00:00

Membership is open to anyone aged 16 or over and is a resident of Torrance or its immediate surroundings.

Is there a cost to membership?2022-12-05T13:48:56+00:00

No. Membership of Caldwell Halls Trust is completely free.

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